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Here are my thoughts on the 2014 Steelers Training camp.

As you all know, I'm the bigest steelers fan of all time, every year I make my 3 hour ride to Latrobe, PA for a practice and to catch up with all my nation friends.

This time it was awesome because it was a full practice scrimage game with the Bills & we had field tickets so we were right out there next to Joey Porter who is now a coach for the LB'S and if you don't know PEEZEE he is a loud mouth that demands perfection. We got to talk to Mr. Dick Lebeau & we had a few minutes with Mike Tomlin, it was a few because #29 was slacking off and Tomlin seen him and went nuts. lol

There was some intence hitting and some fights between the Bills offense and the Steelers Defence, the steelers corners were smack talking like they wanted to fight. But our LBS are 3 deep, We will keep 10 LBS on the roster. #51 Suan Spence who has been hurt 2 straight years was finally on the field and I was shocked to see just how super fast this kid is, #50 Ryan Shazire is a monster, #93 Worlds is a beast that hits everything that moves and #94 Timmons, as we all know is a straight up stud.

The CB's was not to impresive at all, we had to see #24 Ike Taylor drop a sure pick 6 like always, not sure why this guy can't catch a ball, maybe we can have Antionio Brown work with him. lol.. The D Line is very fast and seemed like every snap they had presure on the Bill's QB.

As far as the offense it is a complete STUD Machine, this is the first time in my 40 plus years that I ever seen an offense run so smooth, I'm talking about the entire offense. First the O Line is so much better with #53 Pouncy, the RB's are #26 L. Bell And #34 Blount, Then there is an incredable little guy called SPEED a.k.a. Dre Archer, this kid is like a mouse that can catch a screen and take it to the house, I have never seen that kind of speed at RB in my life.

The WR's look sharp and #84 A. Brown is a fan favorite, this guy can catch any pass even if it's not near him, he is a showboat but in a good way, The pick up of #16 Lance Moore was a super move, he was in the slot and did great, We also have a kid named Wheaton And Bartiveus and these two will blow right by your defense.

All in all, the team has un real, un seen speed, I have never seen this kind of speed at a Steeler Camp in my life, The defense is the fastest you will ever see, trust me. This team will finish 10-6 and win the division.

I have seen about 40 years worth of Steeler games and this team is strong in all phases of the game, O line is as solid as I have ever seen, Ben looks smooth and loves to dump off the screen to the SPEED Back,  This year will shock all of you, if you have not been to camp, THE STEELERS NOW RUN THE NO HUDDLE TO PERFECTION!  They moved the ball at will using it. Ben sets up in 3 step drops and ball is out.

Thanks to Joey Porter And Antonio Brown for hanging out with us, you guys are the best. I just have one more thing to say and I promiced J. PPEEZEE I would add this...  WHO RIDE, WE RIDE, WHO RIDE, WE RIDE, LETS RIDE ON THREE.. 1, 2, 3 LETS RIDE!  lol..



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