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10 Signs that Your Girlfriend Is A Psycho!


Beware of the psycho girlfriend! She’s the type your Mama warned you about!


10. She Dishes it out but can’t take a hit! She talks trash about everything and everyone…but once you point out one of her flaws, she breaks down.

9. She Has crazy mood swings! She's not pregnant and not that time of the month and she’s still acting crazy!


8. She has nightmares every night! Almost every night she wakes up in a cold sweat. While she sleeps she screams for help and it looks like she’s running with her eyes closed!

7. She only acts normal when she’s drunk! The only time she’s normal is when she’s drunk!


6. She Has multiply lawsuits going! This type of girl is always suing everybody!

5. She’s always the victim, always right, and has a long explanation for all of her wrong doings!


4. She throws tantrums over stupid things! These spoiled brats whine and throw and tantrums over the dumbest things! You name it she’s throwing a fit about it!

3. She thinks every one is Mr. Right! It’s so bad, that when she comes home to tell her family the good news about her new dream guy….they just shake their heads!


2. All of her ex’s get married quickly after they called it quits! After being with her anyone they dated next seemed like a rock star! When you’re dating the bottom even an inch higher is heaven!

And the number #1 sign that your girlfriend is a psycho is…


1. She Watches you while you’re sleeping! Yes she adores you…but one day you wake up, only to find her looking at you breathing heavily! Wow, you have a live one! Just make sure the knives in the home aren’t sharp!


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My Wife Has 6 Of These... DAMN....


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