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A Very Hard Question, What Steelers QB Is The Best? Is It Ben Or Bradshaw.



I have heard little debate as to who people think is the greatest Steelers QB ever.

EVERYONE seems to believe Bradshaw is the best; however, I think it should come down to certain qualities as different factors come into the decision.

I have whittled those down to two things: passing and leadership.

Now, please prepare yourself for the statistics section.


As I said, people claim that Bradshaw is the best Steelers QB ever. I must disagree on this because of his statistics.

He has a career 52 completion percentage. That would be considered abysmal in today's NFL.

Sure in Bradshaw's era, this was a time when a running game, and a great defense, ruled the gridiron. I don't think that is a good enough excuse.

Can you guess his passer rating? The magic number is 70.9—not good enough these days. Roethlisberger has a career 63.3 completion percentage, the same as the beloved Tom Brady (not my beloved but whatever).

He also has nearly as impressive of a passer rating, with 91.7. Most people don't realize it, but Roethlisberger IS one of the top five passers in the NFL today with an 8.0 YPA.

I think that Big Ben is clearly the better passer.


Here is where the Bradshaw fans can get some respect.

Roethlisberger stopped "The Bus" from retiring and promised him a Super Bowl. That is the definition of leadership in my eyes at least. The only thing is, he didn't do it four times.

He also didn't become the most respected player in the locker room: see concussion incident...Oh, Hines Ward.

Some could argue that you must be a great passer to be one of the best QB's, but I disagree: You must build a rapport with your teammates.

Roethlisberger has done that, but not to the degree that Bradshaw did. He made two Hall of Fame receivers happen despite his completion percentage and his 7 YPA.

Bradshaw is one of those people who you just can't help but like. I even liked him in that Matthew McConaughey movie, Failure to Launch!

You can decide which is more important, and who YOU think is best on your own. However, I think that overall Roethlisberger has more plus side to him: Bradshaw only completed half of his passes!

Do you base it all on SB rings? Bradshaw has 4 with a killer defense, Rothlisburger has 2 so far.

What Do You Say? Post Your Comments!

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I Got Ben.


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