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The GFsix Show!




Rachele Shortt

Posted on April 19, 2018 at 6:15 PM

Her Songs Are From Her Heart.

When we came across Rachel Shortt and her amazing music, I gota say, I was very impressed with what she was able to do with lyrics, she is a sweet sounding singer that brings a passion to the stage. Her sound is solid and her lyrics are perfection, she takes you back on a dream with some great acoustic guitar playing.

We are always looking for a polished singer, one that has the voice to go along with the sound, we think we have found just that with Rachel Shortt and her music.  This girl will have you loving her after you hear her. Songs like Reflections Of Love and Gravel Scares offers a perfect blend of lyrics and vocals that have us all here wondering why she is not on any record lable.

Rachel Shortt is a fresh, self-taught singer/songwriter out of North East Ohio. When she is performing, you can hear her heart and soul in perfect harmony through her music. Articulating the full range of human emotion and experience, Rachel makes each performance one of a kind with her unique style and personal connecting with her audience.

Her provocative lyrics approach poetry in their elegant simplicity and ability to stand alone. With the overlay of Rachel’s instrumental artistry, her original work provides an bold and universal language for those who seek a sound with passion and purpose. Even when performing a popular cover song she pays homage to the original artist while also offering her own unique flavor, breathing new life into each song she plays.


Rachel performs in both large and small venues alike, from House of Blues and Kent Stage to festivals, cafes & charity events, while also specializing in select corporate events, private parties & Weddings.

Become a fan of her music right here!

Categories: Music News & Reviews

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