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Madden 13 HQ Sound

Posted on May 15, 2012 at 4:50 PM

It's All About Improving The Sound For Madden 13 This Year.

The year-to-year strides we are seeing in the Madden NFL franchise are a direct product of the feedback from the community and the development team’s ability to accept constructive criticism to truly commit to delivering the most authentic football experience possible.  Part of that authentic experience includes the audio improvements in Madden NFL 13. Hearing is one of our keenest senses, and can help us judge situations and scenarios which we may not be able to evaluate with our eyes.

There is no question that there needed to be huge investments into the Audio design of Madden NFL 13 in order to bring a higher level of realism into the game, and what is more real than actual sounds from the NFL? I’m excited to share details about the partnership with NFL films, which greatly enhances the sound design.

This brings real, authentic sounds of big hits, player grunts, collisions and QB cadences from mic’d players in the NFL. It’s really immersive to hear the actual voice of Aaron Rodgers and other top quarterbacks call out cadences throughout the game.

Another big addition to Madden NFL 13 that demanded attention from previous titles is the presence of the crowd. In previous years, only 4 microphones were used to record crowd audio fluctuations. This year, an amazing 24 microphones were used to capture the ups and downs of the roaring crowd in the NFL.

Those gamers who love to play with the surround sound or a high-definition headset on will notice an incredible difference where you can feel the emotion of the crowd. There is nothing sweeter than scoring a clutch touchdown in the final minutes of the game in front of a hometown crowd, and with this year’s improvements you can feel like you are right there celebrating with your team.

One of the community’s constant requests was better commentary. The addition of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms adds a more dynamic feel to commentary from game to game. Whether it is a rivalry game, preseason matchup, or playoff contest, you will hear the two of them interact so fluidly that if you close your eyes, it feels like you’re listening to an actual NFL game.

With the addition of Nantz and Simms’ non-stop interaction throughout the entire pregame show, every experience sounds incredibly realistic. I’m excited to hear all the ad-lib scenarios, players and situations they will banter about throughout every game.

From a community standpoint we are very impressed with the drastic improvements in the commentary, audio, and sounds in Madden NFL 13. I encourage you all, when you first put Madden NFL 13 into your console, to turn up your headset or surround sound to hear all the new authentic sounds and commentary in the game.

Madden NFL 13 delivers a superb audio experience that faithfully replicates NFL Sundays with CBS Sports' Jim Nantz and Phil Simms calling the action, QB cadences, authentic sound effects and actual on-field player chatter, all provided by NFL Films, and a fully-scored orchestral theme that conveys the emotion and excitement of professional football.

Check out the video preview for the sound demo:

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