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Prison Break-5

Posted on March 25, 2017 at 5:20 PM Comments comments (1)

The Brothers Are Back.. This Time It Looks Like They Break Out Of A City..

For four seasons, Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows have faced prison, government conspiracies, and much more, but in a new preview for the upcoming event series, the actors promise that this will be their toughest challenge.

"You can't imagine a more dangerous situation to be in, but all is not as it seems," Wentworth Miller says in teh trailer. "Breaking out of prison is just the beginning; we have to break out of the country itself."

© Provided by TIME Inc. When the story picks up, Michael is presumed dead by his wife, Sara, and brother, Lincoln, but it turns out he's very much alive and is being kept in a prison in Yemen on suspicion of terrorism. Upon hearing the news from T-Bag, Lincoln puts a plan in place to once again break his brother out of prison -- with some help from old friends. "All the people you loved from the original Prison Break will all play a very significant role in helping Michael and Lincoln get out of that country," said executive producer Dawn Olmstead.

The trailer offers glimpses of many Fox River alums, including the aforementioned T-Bag, as well as Sucre and C-Note. Last month, talked to Miller about what's been going on with Michael since his presumed death in the show's final episode in 2009. "He's walked a dark road," said Miller. "In the years since we last saw him, he's been a part of some deep, dark government-funded plots, and that's left a mark on him.

He is tortured by some of the things that he's seen and that he's participated in."

Check out the trailer HERE!

Feed The Kitty

Posted on March 25, 2017 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (1)

Some Great Country Music & A Country SWAG.

It's time to kick off your boots and have a country good 'ol time with this band called Feed The Kitty, they bring a fast paced country style music to life, with a clean fresh new style, every song has a story and this bands tells the story and has some great fun singing it. They have tons of great songs to choose from, all of them are pretty dam good and promice to have you singing right along with them.

Some great songs like "Where Did All The Time Go" is made from the heart, great lyrics to go along with some great music playing, the story and style of this song is a classic. The song is well written and makes you wonder where did the time go..  lol..  Other cool songs include "Wonder"  and "Sleepless Nights" are just songs that are great to listen to. Another killer song is called "Goin' Country" of the bands newest album sounds like a fun song with a Johnny Cash Style.

This band seems like a band that has some fun at all their "live" show's and from the looks of their tour dates, they seem to be everywhere in the country circut. They play all over the USA and if you have a chance to go see them, make sure you do, you'll be glad you did. It's a great time and the music will seem to never stop.

The members of the band, Jack Maher, Jed Mottley, Jon Shumway sound like they have about 10 guys playing, but yes, it's just the 3 members playing all the music. Feed The Kitty has enjoyed plenty of musical success with no signs of stopping anytime soon. In fact, if you've seen the movies "Lars and the Real Girl" or "National Lampoon's: Cattle Call" you've already heard Feed The Kitty's music on their respective soundtracks!

On March 23rd, 2015 they completed a short documentary about the band. A film crew (Kenny Stoff ,"Sound City", "Sonic Highways") followed them for one week as they played 9 gigs in 6 days, fresh off their first ever European tour, which will be released on Tuesday, June 16th. FTK will be performing in Los Angeles, CA., Austin, TX., Scottsdale, AZ., New York, NY., San Francisco, CA. and Nashville, TN. this year to promotethe new album.

Another great country style band with great heart and passion for their music, a band that has come a long way from where it started and through all of it, always stayed focused on their sound and style.

The GFsix Show is all about great music and great style and this band has both, you can hit up the bands facebook fan page right HERE, and if you want to download some great tunes, you can grab their music right HERE! Whatever you do don't miss this band 'LIVE" hit up all their TOUR DATES RIGHT HERE!


Posted on March 17, 2017 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

This Band Has A Mean Story To Tell In Music & An AMAZING SOUND.

Sometimes a band comes along and you just think this will be some hard rocking loudness, but when this band hits the stage, it's an amazing sound with a different kind of sound. A sound that is hard, soft and intense. They have a style that will shock you, their music is kind of mean and it's a truth in the story that sells their music. Songs like "PART OF YOU" Is just a well written song that has a sound all it's own, other songs like "ADDICTION" is an awesome song that will have you listening to the words.

Downsiid was formed in 2000 by drummer Rich ‘’ Burgos in Killeen,Texas. The band entered the Central Texas music scene as a 4 piece that was a lot harder sounding and rougher than the Downsiid fan’s know today. The band originally was made up mostly of U.S Army soldiers stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. started looking to make some line-up changes.

Singer Jason ‘String’ Atwood joined the band after a chance meeting with ‘’ at a local Tattoo Shop that String owned, and the voice of Downsiid was found. In 2003 DJ Akira MC joined the band bringing Hip-Hop, turntablism, samples and a hype man into the mix. Lennis Hayes and Jeff ‘Spanish’ C. complete the band on bass and guitar respectively. Both members are veterans of the local music scene and complete the hard partyin’, harder rockin’, tear the roof off your club Texas band known as DownsiiD.

Downsiid has enjoyed independent success with their releases: ‘Karma: The Rebirth’ and ‘The Evolution of Ghetto Rock'. They have toured the country on self funded tours to include their annual indie fest ‘The Siid Show: Rock N Roll Circus‘, which is in it’s 5th year and now includes 8 Texas cities, “Girls, Grills and Guitars Tour” and “The Freedom Tour” which took them to towns neighboring military bases throughout the South.

To date DownsiiD has sold over 10,000 copies of ‘The Evolution of Ghetto Rock’ and are preparing for the release of the highly anticipated follow up, ‘Life of Lies’ featuring tracks by Andy Waldek (Daughtry, Earth to Andy), production by Roy Z (Judas Priest, Halford) and mastering by Maor Applebaum (Halford).

What ever you do, check these guys out. You can thank me later.

Hit up their fan page HERE.

Hit up their reverb page HERE.

Stone Bone Music

Posted on March 17, 2017 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (0)

A Hard Rockin Band, That Just Plain ROCKS IT....

This band is what hard rock is supposed to sound like, these guys just bring it with a POWERFUL IN YOUR FACE rockin style. Every song is amped up and sounds amazing, the guitars are blended with some crazy cool power riffs, the bass is strong and in your face, the drumer is a pure talent, it's not often we find a band that can and will rock your socks off, but these boys can make you beg for more. The blend of pure power along with the great lyrics make this band stand out in the croud. It's hard to find a band that really loves to play and can put two styles of music together, one is plain METAL POWER and the other is great classic sounding songs that show that this band has some crazy talent.

Straight out of Jacksonville Florida, this band is for real and just plays mean, nasty and hard, songs like "Suck My Soul" will have your head bangin and the sound is true passion, they fire it up with a mean riff that explodes into a hard rock rythem. Another great tune is "Aldoph's Antics" its a heavey metal tune that shakes the house with some killer power. The song called "Santuary" proves that these guys can rock it hard or even do a cool classic smooth sound. Some other great stuff is songs like "Infidelity" & "Lies"  both have some amazing riffs and the drums just hit you in the face, love the thickness of the bass and the monster metal feel.

With a wide array of great songs this band is a must have for any and all rock fans, the songs have style and are well written, they tell a story that's heart felt and done with some passion. This band is becoming a GFsix Show's Favorite for sure & is this months FEATURED ARTIST, seems like everytime we play some of their music on the show, the fans go crazy and the staff starts rockin

If you have a chance to hit up this band's show be sure you do it, trust me you will be amazed at just how good these guys play, you can also hit up some of there killer video's like The Demon Inside, this will show you that this band don't fool around and is IN IT TO KILL IT. They are doing show's all over the place and really offer their fans a great time, they are down to earth with their fans and love just hangin out.

We found this band while searching for another band and I gota say, I'm glad we did. You have to grab there killer music, it's worth the money and trust me you'll be glad you did, they even offer a few free downloads to fans that sign up or like their facebook fan page. What the hell are you waiting for, get your asses signed up, get a few samples and see what the hell I'm talking about... lol

Become a fan of this up and coming band Right Here.

Grab thier music Right Here.

Whatever you do get ready to rock out with some amazing cool tunes and just one hell of a band, these guys will be big-time soon, get on board the STONE BONE TRAIN RIGHT NOW.


Posted on March 3, 2017 at 4:30 PM Comments comments (1)

Just An Amazing Sweet Sound....

Zoë Nutt is a storyteller. She likes to tell stories with music and poignant and meaningful lyrics, but it’s perhaps her vocal interpretation of those words that brings her musical tales to life. Simply put, Zoë Nutt is a voice you will not soon forget.


Raised in Knoxville, and a graduate of the prestigious songwriting school at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, Zoë has a way of quieting a room and hushing those voices in our heads that make it hard to sit and listen, so that all you want to do is hear the next thing she is going to sing.


Cruz Contreras of The Black Lillies says, “Zoë Nutt has a voice as haunting and seemingly ancient as the East Tennessee hills she hails from. Her lyricism and delivery are poignant, fresh and promising. Like so many great artists, she knows how to mix the new with the old and create music with broad appeal while never compromising her artistic integrity.”


Zoë is an artist to her core. With a guitar by her side, her music is a reflection of who she is and how she observes the world. “I write music to connect with people who feel the same way,” she says. “My style is eclectic and reflects my interest in all types of music. My songs are about life, living and feelings, good and bad, that we all experience. If my music makes you smile, or even cry, that’s how we know we are not alone.”


Also a Zoë fan, is Grammy nominated, award-winning producer Travis Wyrick (Dolly Parton, Charlie Daniels) who says, “Zoë combines a beautiful balance of more traditional sounds with a modern folk twist. You must hear her sounds to truly understand the beauty of her voice.”


With her first full album LIKE YOU, releasing in Spring 2016, Zoë is happy with where she is and reflects on the emotion that went into making her first project. “I wanted to make an album that would grab the listener from the beginning so we decided to start with my song, ‘Nothing I Can Do.” I wanted it to be first because the song starts out acappella and really grabs you from the start. It’s one of two co-written songs on the album. I wrote this one with Cory Bishop (The New Schematics). The lyrics can be interpreted as joyful or as regretful, but ultimately the listener gets to decide whether it’s a happy or sad love song.

Other songs on the album include the dreamy ‘Antique Soda Pop Love,’ a song that conjures up feelings of “an effervescent love that I think we’re all searching for,” Zoë says in reflections.


Zoë writes of her struggles with hearing loss, something she has dealt with her entire life. “Like You,” is a melting of the heart, truthful song written in the form of a letter addressed to Zoë’s unborn children. “It’s a way of coping and coming to terms with my hearing loss. The tinnitus and ringing that I always hear, is played in the song,” she says.

Her cover of Justin Townes Earle’s “Look The Other Way,” was a challenge to take a song typically thought of in the country/Americana realm and rework it in a different direction than the original. “I originally had no plans of recording this song, it was thrown together at the end of a recording session, but it’s one of my favorites on the album.”

The album is full of songs that get right to the core of being human and all of the emotions that go with that journey. In the end, “Sweet Tennessee,” tells the story of Zoë, her family life on the Tennessee River, and spending time on the water. “It’s a big part of my home town culture. It’s a simple feel good story about a place that’s influenced me greatly.”

Like Her On Facebook HERE.

Get Her Music HERE.