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HateChoir Music

Posted on June 21, 2017 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

The Sound That Gets You Flipping Out... ALOT!

When we first heard this bands music, we thought O NO not another garage band, but when we played some more of their songs, we started to see why a lot of people liked this band. They have a crazy sound with some off the wall lyrics, but as long as you make it all fit as they do, we found it good.

This music is not for everyone, but for the ones who enjoy a hard fun music blasting or tunes you can relate to, this band is for you. Songs like "Fat Twinkie" is kind of a classic title and the music is fast and hard, other songs like "T.V Mann" and "Pizza Mann" should make you feel the beat.

The riffs are insane fast and makes for a party theme, the drums are solid and the lyrics as we said earlier will have your head spinning. If you love loud crazy fun and don't mind banging your head alot, then you should catch these guys at a show, they bring a power to the stage and don't seem to care if you like them or not because either way they are there to blast and have some fun doing it.

You can become a fan of this band right HERE.

Grab there music right HERE.

The Skategoats

Posted on June 20, 2017 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The Band That Has The Energy To Make You Move...

If you love the sound of punk rock, then we've found the band for you, this high energy band will make you think of bands like Green Day or even some Rancid. Their sound is very good and will keep the party jumping all night long. The lyrics are sharp and well done and the drums are pushed to a level of hard and fast.

With Bianca Hendy leading the charge on guitar and vocals, Michael Collins on guitar and backup vocals, Ivan Heenan on bass and Malcolm Ferguson on drums, they are ready to belly flop into the pop-punk pool and soak listeners with frantic and fun music. Their band style is smooth and fun with a taste of surprise.

The guitar riffs are classic and offer high energy with some basic clean sounds, its a punk band that has a smooth side, but only after they rip the roof off the place first. You should grab their music right HERE.

Become a fan of this band and show some love with a like right HERE.

If you have the chance to check this band out live at a show or a gig they are at, You owe it to yourself to check them out. Grab some friends and just have some good old punk fun. The SKATEGOATS look like a band with a future and you can climb onboard their train right now.

Look for this bands music to be featured on The GFsix Show!

Mike Sandy Music

Posted on June 19, 2017 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Check Out The Solid Rock Sounds Of Mike Sandy.

Are you looking for a solid rock style and songs that stick in your mind? check out a song called "Memories" by one of The GFsix Show's favorite artist, Mike Sandy. The song pulls you in with its strong lyrics and solid giutar rifs all backed by some hard hitting drums, Mike has been known to create music that offers more then just lyrics, his music tells a story of his own life.

Straight out of Cleveland, Ohio with gigs all across the Cleveland area, you owe it to your self to catch one of his show's, playing in smaller venues, he offers a more relaxing comfort that lets all his fans be a part of the shows. A style all his own, Mike is one of the music artist you can relate to.  The new album looks to be out soon and will offer a solid collection of great songs.

His new debut single "Memories" is available now on bandcamp, you can grab his music RIGHT HERE.

You can also check out his facebook fan page and become a fan RIGHT HERE.

When your taste in music is for some good rock sound with a taste of classic style, then Mike Sandy is the guy for you. As in any music you have songs that stick in your head, with Mike Sandy they just seem to stick in there a little longer. We urge you if ever you're in the Cleveland, Ohio area and are looking for a solid show, check out Mike Sandy.  You will be glad you did.



Posted on June 9, 2017 at 8:00 PM Comments comments (0)

This Band Has A Mean Story To Tell In Music & An AMAZING SOUND.

Sometimes a band comes along and you just think this will be some hard rocking loudness, but when this band hits the stage, it's an amazing sound with a different kind of sound. A sound that is hard, soft and intense. They have a style that will shock you, their music is kind of mean and it's a truth in the story that sells their music. Songs like "PART OF YOU" Is just a well written song that has a sound all it's own, other songs like "ADDICTION" is an awesome song that will have you listening to the words.

Downsiid was formed in 2000 by drummer Rich ‘’ Burgos in Killeen,Texas. The band entered the Central Texas music scene as a 4 piece that was a lot harder sounding and rougher than the Downsiid fan’s know today. The band originally was made up mostly of U.S Army soldiers stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas. started looking to make some line-up changes.

Singer Jason ‘String’ Atwood joined the band after a chance meeting with ‘’ at a local Tattoo Shop that String owned, and the voice of Downsiid was found. In 2003 DJ Akira MC joined the band bringing Hip-Hop, turntablism, samples and a hype man into the mix. Lennis Hayes and Jeff ‘Spanish’ C. complete the band on bass and guitar respectively. Both members are veterans of the local music scene and complete the hard partyin’, harder rockin’, tear the roof off your club Texas band known as DownsiiD.

Downsiid has enjoyed independent success with their releases: ‘Karma: The Rebirth’ and ‘The Evolution of Ghetto Rock'. They have toured the country on self funded tours to include their annual indie fest ‘The Siid Show: Rock N Roll Circus‘, which is in it’s 5th year and now includes 8 Texas cities, “Girls, Grills and Guitars Tour” and “The Freedom Tour” which took them to towns neighboring military bases throughout the South.

To date DownsiiD has sold over 10,000 copies of ‘The Evolution of Ghetto Rock’ and are preparing for the release of the highly anticipated follow up, ‘Life of Lies’ featuring tracks by Andy Waldek (Daughtry, Earth to Andy), production by Roy Z (Judas Priest, Halford) and mastering by Maor Applebaum (Halford).

What ever you do, check these guys out. You can thank me later.

Hit up their fan page HERE.

Hit up their reverb page HERE.


Posted on June 9, 2017 at 9:50 AM Comments comments (1)


Open Your Ears, This Is Some Real Music...

The band is called Bootstraps out of the L.A area, lets start off with some of the bands remakes like "I wanna dance with somebody" this is done in a classic way, they slow it down and it's amazing. This band offers some out statnding music and the most heart felt lyrics we ever heard, the band itself is the perfect mix of drums, acustic and voices.

When we hear music like this, it makes us happy that there are still solid bands who put the music first, yeah, there are bands that want all the fame and never want to do all the hard work, but this is not one of those bands. This group has been grinding at gigs from coast to coast hitting small shows as well as huge sold out ones. One thing for sure is this band live is amazing, you need to go see them when they hit up your town.

With songs like "Earned It" and "Won't Back Down" you can hear some awesome lyrics with a sound that is there very own style, other songs like "Pictures Of You" and "Everywhere" offer more of a story then a song and hit you right in the moment. The new album (HOMAGE) is packed with great music, it's a solid CD and we think it's A MUST GRAB!

More About The Band Bootstraps,

Singer-songwriter Jordan Beckett is a craftsman whose folk-pop has a filmic quality, a trait that has served the Portland, Ore., native well. Beckett, doing business under the name Bootstraps, got his break when actor/director Sam Jaeger asked him to write songs for the 2011 movie “Take Me Home;” besides the half-dozen tunes in that film, Bootstraps’ songs have found their way onto television shows such as “No Ordinary Family,” “Private Practice,” “Betrayal,” and “Parenthood,” among others.

Bootstraps’ self-titled album, featuring production work from Skip Saylor and Richard Dodd, was originally self-released, but it was pulled back after the band’s signed to Harvest Records, which now will release it Feb. 18. The evocative collection recalls a more world-weary Ray LaMontagne; in fleshing out his tunes, Beckett recruited the talents of two old college buddies familiar to followers of the L.A. scene, David Quon and Nathan Warkentin of We Barbarians.

And ex-Cold War Kids drummer Matt Aveiro has now joined Bootstraps’ live band. The expansive single “Sleeping Giant” has some My Morning Jacket ambitions, so adjust your volume accordingly.

Visit the bands facebook fan page RIGHT HERE.