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The October Accord

Posted on December 9, 2017 at 9:40 AM Comments comments (1)


This Is One Crazy Cool Sounding Punk Rockin' Band.

When the time comes to hear some great new tunes and it seems like you really just can't find any, now is the time to check out this crazy cool band called The October Accord, their sound will amaze you with great lyrics and guitars. It's a bit punk and alittle bit rock but they put the sound together that creates a great finish.

This band plays it fast and hard, always putting on a great live show, they have been featured on many radio stations and seem to be getting more and more fame, soon the world will know this band. The singer (Kerri Gross) is a female singer that can hit all the notes, her style and voice screams out perfectly, her swag is untouched, let me tell you, this chick is one hell of a singer, mean and loud in a good way.

The best part of this band is the guitars, (Holly Desautels & Josh Remillard) bring a sound that is hard and fast, it sounds like they been playing together for years, it's some of the best guitar playing we have heard in a while. Holly pulls of some great riffs for a female, don't get me wrong females can rock it just as good as guys do, but it's rare to hear a female play that good. Josh kicks it up on every song with a swager all his own.

As far as bass guitar, I must say (Austin Eskeli) keeps it all tight and hits the bass hard, the hardest thing to do in a punk rock pand is play bass and this dude knocks it out of the park.

The drummer (Taydon Kennett) is simple one bad-ass drummer, this guy is a pro, hits every beat and crushes the rythem, punk rock is a crazy hard style of music to play and the drummer has to keep the entire sound in beat, lets just say without the drummer there would be no magic.

As far as the new album (Cheapshot Of The Year) it is packed with great tunes from song one to the very end, every song has it's own style and rocks out hard, a few songs we loved were songs like "The Flood" this one is just a plain hard rockin song with style, other songs we love are "Take Me Back" and "Better Off Without You" Both songs tell a story behind it and are very catchy, well written and most of all they freaking ROCKOUT!

This band hits up LIVE show's all across the USA, if you happen to see your local bar or event featuring this band on the list, do yourself a favor and CHECK THEM OUT, you will thank me later. They bring a party sound with some headbanging guitars and trust us that is one hell of a great time.

You can grab this bands new album (Cheapshot Of The Year) at a great price RIGHT HERE. Show some love and hit up the bands facebook fan page RIGHT HERE.

The GFsix Show Loves finding some cool bands that not only can play and have rythem but are also a great night out at their shows, it's easy to find a band that plays music, but we love finding bands that have some GREAT STYLE and a PASSION for the music they play. Bands come and go, but this band is an up and comming sound machine we hope hits the top.

One Last Thing, look for this band to be on the GFsix Show & don't even forget to cast your vote for this band in the GFsix Show's "Battle Of The Bands" Contest, they should be on the battle list soon, visit the show's battle page and cast  YOUR vote RIGHT HERE.

Mindil Beach Music

Posted on December 5, 2017 at 10:10 AM Comments comments (0)

Just Plain Great Music...

For a group with a complex list of influences, Mindil Beach is simply named after a coastline in Darwin, Australia. Through the skillful blending of rock, hip hop, funk and folk, they've created sonic cocktail that is equal parts soul, adrenaline and swagger. Their diversity of appeal has enabled them to play alongside a wide variety of notable acts (Sam Roberts, USS, Bedouin Soundclash). But no matter the size of the venue, every Mindil Beach show feels like you're dancing in your living room.

After the release of their sophomore record, It Might Take Long (2013), Mindil Beach found themselves at a crossroads. Local success of the album's lead single, Smoking Gun, served as a springboard for national exposure, and they opted to leave Vancouver Island for a more nomadic lifestyle. After spending nearly a year in an RV, touring coast to coast, Mindil Beach have now put down roots in Vancouver and are working on their third full length album.

The band’s passion for music goes hand in hand with their passion for the environment. In 2011, the boys founded The Jellyfish Project, an environmental initiative targeting Canadian high school and middle school students to generate awareness about ocean sustainability, climate change and environmental stewardship. The program has been presented in more than 100 schools to over 50,000 students, and has partnered with the Vancouver Aquarium and the David Suzuki Foundation.

They've been called “a group that can fly the flag for Canadian rock overseas” and they intend to do so. Mindil Beach are currently touring their latest release, The Sweet Tea EP, which features the single, Love Like Mine.

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Posted on December 1, 2017 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Music That Moves You...

Nick Ray is an independent producer/singer/songwriter from New Orleans. His music career began as a lead singer in the local scene performing with numerous rock and alternative bands.

Not wanting to be tied down to a single genre, Ray continues today as a solo, experimental artist writing and producing almost all of his songs as they genre hop between Pop, Soul, Alternative, Hip Hop, and EDM. His soulful voice, along with his natural ability to write and produce exceptional tracks leave Ray poised for a promising musical future, as it’s safe to say he has only scratched the surface.

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SAUL Music

Posted on November 28, 2017 at 9:30 AM Comments comments (1)


This Band Will Shock Your Mind With Some Hard Rockin Sound.... 

"Rise as Equals" is the slogan surrounding the release of Saul's new ep, "The Touching of Parallels". Rise: a degree of elevation, Equals: not above or below but eye to eye. These words are bringing people together in hoards due to it's power and realization of achievement. You're only as good as your word is fine, but they believe you are only as good as the deeds you perform. Connect with people and help the world succeed in all facets. We are more than brothers, closer than enemies, stay loyal as one, and "Rise as Equals."

Saul is based out of Sioux City, IA and consists of three members Blake Bedsaul (bass/lead vocals), Zach Bedsaul (guitar/backing vocals), and Adam Chilton (drums/percussion). Saul has been featured in fifteen magazines worldwide, are played on over ninety radio stations including Pandora and numerous other internet stations. Saul released their first music video for "Atrocious Ra" following their release of "Embrace the Rain" in October of 2010. "Atrocious Ra" is reaching nearly 12,000 views on their youtube channel. January 2012 Saul released a single/ video "DayFly" and has nearly 14,000 views on youtube and counting. Recently being sponsored by Ultimate Local Music Saul is proving to be stronger than ever.


The three members of Saul have announced the October 1st release date for the highly anticipated ep, "The Touching of Parallels." With their remake of Pink Floyd's "Welcome to the Machine" being the first single, this hard-hitting song will impact radio stations in November. This will only set the tempo for "Motives" to follow shortly after. "The Touching of Parallels" is Saul's concept ep, defining and "Dividing Hills" with the struggles of 2012. Being based out of Sioux City, IA has its advantages. Saul is the heart that pushes the raw emotions to the coasts, and through-out the world. Staying true, and always pushing the envelope, "The Touching of Parallels" will leave you needing more. While producing a heavier side of the spectrum, Saul ensures we will all "Rise as Equals."

The band is now back in the studio working on their latest album, we just got a sneek listen to the songs called "BOLIDE" & "TOLL" let me just say this, the song "TOLL" is a powerful sounding rockin hard song and should be on everyones list.  This band is damn hard rock at its best, they are always fetured on the GFsix Show and can't wait to see this band live!

Saul will be traveling to Cleveland, OH to work with producer/engineer Mike Brown at Lava Room Studios. Following the release of "The Touching of Parallels," Saul will once again be hitting the touring circuit. Sticking to the Midwest for the first run but reaching back out to the West coast for later dates. Keep your eyes and ears open and stay connected to the future of Saul by linking to any of their social media sites.

Hit Up The Bands New Website HERE.

Check out there brand new song "BOLIDE"  & "TOLL" & Join There Face Book FAN PAGE HERE!


The Skategoats

Posted on November 27, 2017 at 3:15 PM Comments comments (0)

The Band That Has The Energy To Make You Move...

If you love the sound of punk rock, then we've found the band for you, this high energy band will make you think of bands like Green Day or even some Rancid. Their sound is very good and will keep the party jumping all night long. The lyrics are sharp and well done and the drums are pushed to a level of hard and fast.

With Bianca Hendy leading the charge on guitar and vocals, Michael Collins on guitar and backup vocals, Ivan Heenan on bass and Malcolm Ferguson on drums, they are ready to belly flop into the pop-punk pool and soak listeners with frantic and fun music. Their band style is smooth and fun with a taste of surprise.

The guitar riffs are classic and offer high energy with some basic clean sounds, its a punk band that has a smooth side, but only after they rip the roof off the place first. You should grab their music right HERE.

Become a fan of this band and show some love with a like right HERE.

If you have the chance to check this band out live at a show or a gig they are at, You owe it to yourself to check them out. Grab some friends and just have some good old punk fun. The SKATEGOATS look like a band with a future and you can climb onboard their train right now.

Look for this bands music to be featured on The GFsix Show!